Lilla Vincze

Patella-96 Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 14:30-17:30
DescriptionPatella-96 Ltd. is the largest medical device manufacturer in Hungary today. Our enterprise has been growing continuously since its inception in 2001. Our medical devices are the most popular in our market and among doctors too. Our main product range are orthopedic and rehabilitation devices, most of them are supported by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary. Popularity is due to good quality. We feel that the secret of our success lies in our philosophy, by which our progress is based on the satisfaction of both our partners and their clients as well. To do this, we aim to fulfill all demands, from the typical to the extraordinary. We take extra steps to arrange our inventory to meet the needs of our marketplace and continuously offer novel and exciting products to stay ahead of our competition. „Patella is your partner in everything”
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