Szilveszter Kazinczy

Polyduct Zrt.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 14:30-17:30
DescriptionOur company has been established in 1992. It’s main profile is rotational plastic molding. Our unique technique is excellent for standardized production of wide and heavy hollow plastic bodies with broad variety of shape. - We are looking for solutions on the enhancing requirements of environmental protection, water and wastewater management and the urban world with our wide product range. On top of being a supplier, we think on ourselves as the experts of sectors covered by our products. In order to maintain our position as the market leader, we expanded our activities with product and mold planning, mold production. - In 2013, our company established a distributing subsidiary in Romania (SC. POLYDUCT S.R.L.), then in Serbia in 2018 (POLYDUCT doo).
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Industrial manufacturing and processing